Celebrating our 10th year in 2021, Jessie D. Miller Interior Design is a full-service design studio, Saint Louis-based but nationally available.

We built our studio on the belief that there’s a big difference between a house and a home. That’s why we sweat the details. It’s why we take the time to understand the needs of every person (and pet) that we work with.

Our work is comprised of curated and bespoke pieces, carefully tailored to each unique space. It lives in exclusive neighborhoods, in decadent country escapes, and in highrise apartments. Consistent across all you’ll find an aesthetic that is contemporary, timeless, and livable.

We’re proud to provide a holistic design service, including space planning, construction drawing packages, project coordination, bespoke furniture, and millwork design and fabrication, lighting design, interior styling, art curation – and if there’s something particularly unique you require, we can likely make that happen too.

“Texture is my color palette,” says Jessie, who uses a variety of materials and objects to create interest in a room. She mingles sinuous profiles with hard lines, juxtaposing masculine and feminine silhouettes to create compelling, sensual spaces. Layered light is another crucial element bringing a sense of warmth, romance, and contentment to Jessie’s interiors.

“The eye has to travel,” she contends. This concept has fed her journey since childhood.  While Jessie asserts it is art, fashion, and music that have informed and sustained her distinctive point of view, she insists it’s travel and architecture that  She’s able to coalesce decorative elements that span cultures, continents, and centuries in a fascinating and seamless fashion.

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Jessie D. Miller Interior Design is a full-service design studio. We specialize in designing full homes, kitchens, and bathrooms for both in-state and out-of-state clients. We are involved from the initial design phase through construction. We approach every design by getting to know you and your lifestyle. Working directly with developers and builders on projects as well as individual homeowners, our designers are able to achieve a tailored look that will match any market. “Our mission is to focus on building long-term trusting relationships with clients and lead them with a start-to-finish approach. We are in the business of turning houses into homes and providing packages that are customized to reflect you and your vision.

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Creating beauty and profit for our clients, what more could a business need? Jessie D. Miller Interior Design’s expert knowledge of how customers interact with spaces in a retail shopping environment, and how to translate a brand into a three-dimensional experience that helps clients sell products. Our skilled team will integrate the more brand-specific elements of a space (signage, wayfinding, fixture design) into the overall design to make a cohesive brand statement, create an impactful customer experience, and drive overall retail performance.

The term “Retail” refers to so much more than just businesses that sell products (such as fashion & electronics). It also includes businesses that sell services and experiences. From fitness to food, wellness, travel, and any type of space where customers engage with a product or brand, the principles of retail experience design play a key role.

Many retail spaces now also serve as a showroom to help a brand connect with its potential customers. It’s less about selling the customer something at the specific moment, and more about exposing them to the brand so that when they make a purchase in the future (in-store, online, or at another location) they will already have a positive relationship with that brand.  A JDM trademark is creating iconic focal points. “We love to design spaces that give business’ beautiful backdrops for their ever-so-popular Social Media pictures.”

Jessie D. Miller Interior Design can elevate any commercial space where a business aims to connect with and influence its target customer.  “We design spaces that make people feel good. That feeling promotes them to want to linger and most importantly, come back for more.”